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Noun1.David Mamet - United States playwright (born in 1947)David Mamet - United States playwright (born in 1947)
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Over the years, Jay's magic act, which featured both his card tricks and gifts as a monologist, earned him a devoted following that included the writer David Mamet and set the stage for his later career as an actor.
David Mamet is a playwright and a screenwriter, as well as an author of novels, short fiction, and nonfiction.
In his latest novel, "Chicago", author David Mamet has created a bracing, kaleidoscopic page-turner that roars through the Windy City's underground on its way to a thunderclap of a conclusion.
CHICAGO By David Mamet Custom House $26.99, 352 pages ISBN 9780062797193 Audio, eBook available
Her dad, David Mamet, is a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright.
Come back, come back, wherever you are, David Mamet. All is forgiven (even "Race") if you will just quit jerking us around on non-plays like "China Doll" and get a grip.
Lahr, an author and drama critic, collects profiles and reviews he wrote for The New Yorker of playwrights, productions, and directors, including Arthur Miller, August Wilson, Tony Kushner, David Mamet, Sarah Ruhl, Clifford Odets, David Rabe, Harold Pinter, Wallace Shawn, Neil LaBute, Sam Shepard, William Shakespeare, Nicholas Hytner, Ingmar Bergman, Susan Stroman, John Barton, and Arcadia, The Pajama Game, The Retreat from Moscow, Private Lives, Company, Sweeney Todd, Me, Myself & I, Oklahoma!, The Light in the Piazza, Orpheus Descending, The Rose Tattoo, and Carousel.
Oleanna by David Mamet is a contemporary classic and tells the story of a professor and his female student.
Helen Mirren is his murder-trial attorney in David Mamet's fictional musings on the legend behind the headlines.
NEW YORK -- Al Pacino will return to Broadway next year in a new play by David Mamet written with the Oscar-winner in mind.
Curiously, we have seen the movie entitled Wag The Dog, scripted and directed by David Mamet, and featuring a President so confused over his standing (and the impact of an affair being made public) that he contrived (with a movie producer) to create the facade that his country was facing an urgent threat from an overseas source.