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Noun1.David O. Selznick - United States filmmaker noted for his film adaptations of popular novels (1902-1965)David O. Selznick - United States filmmaker noted for his film adaptations of popular novels (1902-1965)
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(6) Margaret Mitchell, quoted in David Thomson, Showman: The Life of David O. Selznick, Andre Deutsch Ltd, London, 1993, p.
AUSTIN, Texas -- While public debate raged over who should play Southern belle Scarlett O'Hara in ''Gone With the Wind,'' producer David O. Selznick was trying to figure out how to get the movie past Hollywood's morality censors by tamping down the novel's racist overtones while portraying the South in the Civil War.
In 1955, when producer David O. Selznick bought the rights to remake A Farewell to Arms, he took all prints of the Borzage film out of circulation, but the altered version began to appear again in the 1970s when the film entered the public domain (Dumont 177).
Selznick, son of producers David O. Selznick and Irene Mayer Selznick, wanted to establish twin movie preservation schools, one on each coast.
Jones' boss, David O. Selznick, became obsessed with his star and spent much of his time promoting her career.
Directed by John Cromivell, written by Margaret Buell Wilder and David O. Selznick from the book of the same title by Wilder, starring Claudette Colbert, Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotton, Shirley Temple, and Monty Wooley, 1944, 172 minutes, black and white, not rated.
In the end, Hitchcock--at least for sixteen weeks in 1939--belonged to David O. Selznick, and Rebecca would mark the first film that Hitchcock made in Hollywood, the first he made with Selznick, and the only Hitchcock film to receive a Best Picture Oscar.
This was the kind of detail producer David O. Selznick had quashed from her bio to promote his Southern film fantasy.
In 19571 went to Rome as a personal assistant to the actress Elaine SWitch, who was to make the film A Farewell to Arms with Rock and Jennifer Jones for the latter's famous husband, David O. Selznick. In Rome, living with her in a hotel suite, I seldom saw Elaine.
Starring Claudette Colbert, Jennifer Jones, Shirley Temple, Monty Woolley, Robert Walker, Joseph Gotten and Hattie McDaniel, this was David O. Selznick's answer to Mrs.
This someone was frequently the director (Frank Capra, Howard Hawks, Ernst Lubitsch, Alfred Hitchcock), but could also be the producer (Irving Thalberg, Samuel Goldwyn, David O. Selznick), or the star (Buster Keaton, Fred Astaire, W.C.
They house all of producer David O. Selznick's films and papers.