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Noun1.David Ricardo - English economist who argued that the laws of supply and demand should operate in a free market (1772-1823)
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International trade theory since David Ricardo, Ellie Heckscher, Bertil Ohlin and Jagdish Bhagwati establishes that global welfare is best enhanced when countries concentrate on those goods in which they enjoy the highest comparative advantage.
Even in the early 19th century, Adam Smith and David Ricardo extolled the virtues of free trade and advised nations to improve their 'comparative advantage'.
Trading non-food security commodities for ones that are not can be traced back to David Ricardo's writings in the 19th century.
In David Ricardo's chilling phrase, they become "redundant." But what happens next?
A towering figure of the 19th century economics, David Ricardo, introduced the term 'ceteris paribus' into mainstream economic thought.
"Economist David Ricardo wrote in 1831 that mechanisation of the time was taking jobs from people," she said.
Thomas Robert Malthus, David Ricardo, James Mill, John Stuart Mill, and other liberals, radicals, and reformers had a hand in conceptual transformations that culminated in the advent of neoclassical economics.
A little later, David Ricardo, drawing on earlier analysis by James Mill, explained the logic of the Law of Comparative Advantage, demonstrating that even traders with "absolute advantage" in every type of production could still gain by obtaining certain products by trade rather than by their own production.
The world was indeed moving towards free trade, the most potent instrument for reducing poverty and creating employment and wealth and advocated since the times of Adam Smith and David Ricardo.
Just mutually beneficial policies based on the philosophies of influential but dead personalities such as Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Milton Friedman et al.
It is in our mutual interests to see a dynamic and integrated continent, but political union is not essential or desirable, just mutually beneficial policies based on the philosophies of people such as Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Milton Friedman et al.
Forget about William Petty, Adam Smith and David Ricardo, et al.