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(dəˈvɪd ɪk)

of or pertaining to the Biblical David or his descendants.
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Just last year, I released my latest album titled Davidic Dance.
He died in approximately 92 CE.) This is so interesting in part because this often runs counter to Jewish memory, which in its religious vein chooses to focus on the Biblical Davidic kingdom or in its secular variant fastens firmly onto the secular and modern Zionist narrative of redemption.
As the ancestral hometown of David and the site of his anointing as king, Bethlehem is the proper setting for the debut of Jesus as the kingly Davidic Messiah, the new shepherd of God's people Israel, receiving the royal homage (proskynesis) from the magi of the east.
The Psalter's editors viewed the Abrahamic, Mosaic,and Davidic covenants as a theological unity, contends Hensley, and anticipated their common fulfillment through a future Davidic successor.
Joseph is the means by which Matthew and others can claim that Jesus is the Davidic Messiah.
All of this seems like the makings of a riveting film or films and yet, ironically, these traits of the Davidic story have seemed to have caused more problems for filmmakers than opportunities.
Smith believes that verses 19-25 reflect a public voice (perhaps an anonymous lament), while verses 26-27 represent a private voice (the Davidic voice), since they are addressed directly to Jonathan.
The Davidic dynasty had long decayed, and in its place was a usurping Idumean named Herod who murdered his way to the throne and curried favor with Rome and the Jewish people by impressive engineering feats, building cities named after the Caesars and reconstructing the temple.
The exile to Babylon raises the question again, when the Israelite empire itself collapses, along with the unconditional Davidic covenant.
The evangelist presents Jesus as God's Anointed, the Messiah; he is of Davidic royal descent.
The message of Psalm 2 is thus not primarily about the reign of the Davidic monarchy, but about the reign of the LORD in the midst of the Davidic monarchy.