Day's work

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(Naut.) the account or reckoning of a ship's course for twenty-four hours, from noon to noon.

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The number allotted to my stepfather was "18." At the close of the day's work the boss of the packers would come around and put "18" on each of our barrels, and I soon learned to recognize that figure wherever I saw it, and after a while got to the point where I could make that figure, though I knew nothing about any other figures or letters.
He waved his hand as much as to say: It's all in the day's work. But then, abruptly, as if making up his mind:
It was towards the close of an unusually long day's work and Major Thomson sighed with relief as he realised that at last his anteroom was empty.
Returned to the house, he received the reports of the boss-boys and gave instructions for next day's work. The boat's crew boss also he had in, to give assurance, as was the custom nightly, that the whale-boats were hauled up and padlocked.
At other times anyone could dance who paid his money and was orderly; the railroad men, the roundhouse mechanics, the delivery boys, the iceman, the farm-hands who lived near enough to ride into town after their day's work was over.
In the course of the day's work he casually and briefly mentioned a particular job he had just got off his hands.
It's the will o' Them above as a many things should be dark to us; but there's some things as I've never felt i' the dark about, and they're mostly what comes i' the day's work. You were hard done by that once, Master Marner, and it seems as you'll never know the rights of it; but that doesn't hinder there being a rights, Master Marner, for all it's dark to you and me."
'Nothing tastes better,' said she, 'than what one eats by oneself,' and she was very much pleased with her day's work. When she came home the Mouse asked, 'What was this child called?'
'Nothing ever seems so good as what one keeps to oneself,' said she, and was quite satisfied with her day's work. When she went home the mouse inquired: 'And what was the child christened?' 'Half-done,' answered the cat.
Each night, after the day's work, washed up, clothes changed, and supper eaten, we met on the street corner or in the little candy store.
We may be sure that when the day's work was done, when the fight or the chase was over, they gathered round the wood fire and listened to the tales of the story-teller.
"I gotta get up to a hard day's work to-morrow, and I guess the girls has got to, too."