Day Stephen

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or Daye  (dā), Stephen 1594?-1668.
English-born colonist who was the first printer in New England. His Bay Psalm Book appeared in 1640.
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Waterford captain that day Stephen Frampton doesn't expect anything like the wild pulling at the throw-in that is the most enduring footage of that replay 18 years ago, which Clare won easily.
Lots of love on your special day Stephen and hope you're celebrating in true 'Ste Style'.
CANNELL ROBERT Thank you for been there for me and kids have a great day pops love lizzie Devon and Harvey xx CANNON STEVE Have a lovely day Stephen Love Luke & Grace XXXXX CARBERRY MICHAEL Happy Father's Day Daddy.
His friends chose Saturday for their fundraising event as it fell on National Good Gestures Day, a day Stephen and young people's charity Fixers founded in 2013.
The day Stephen was taken, I made such a fuss the doctor sedated me.
OUT THERE (9pm BBC2) Pick of The Day STEPHEN FRY is watching a video on his laptop of a mass hanging in Iran.
The next day Stephen Seddon, 46, an "ungrateful son" with an "insatiable thirst" for his father's cash, went to the suburban family home in Sale, Greater Manchester, and shot both parents at close range with a sawn-off shotgun, it is alleged.
Every day Stephen takes his four large lizards for a walk, on leads, through the estate where he lives.
Fourth birthday away from home, missing you every day Stephen, you'll always be in our hearts.
On Boxing Day Stephen Johnson, from Rhyl, had much the same problem at the new Eagles Meadow park in Wrexham.
For a cool pounds 500 a day Stephen will carry out research on an area's crime rate, report on its schools, parking, street lighting, how often the bins are put out and how often a prospective property has been put on the market over the past few years.