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Noun1.commelina - any plant of the genus Commelinacommelina - any plant of the genus Commelina  
flower - a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
genus Commelina - type genus of the Commelinaceae; large genus of herbs of branching or creeping habit: day flower; widow's tears
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From vibrant spring bouquets to bunches of classic roses, we've found the best Mother's Day flower options available from your favourite high street and online retailers.
The Bloomex voucher codes are redeemable until August 7, 2018 and can be used toward Valentine's Day flower and gift basket deliveries for orders placed by February 10.
NAWABSHAH -- A three - day flower exhibition would be begun from February 16 to February 18 at H.
Order Mothers Day Flower Delivery in Seoul for your loving Mother and become a reason of her happiness.
Flowering phenology, flower production and floral display size: Day to day flower production by 20 individuals in each of the three wild populations was recorded in each year during the three consecutive years (20122014).
CALIFORNIA * May 26, Palm Springs: Annual Memorial Day Flower Drop and Air Fair.
FAVORITE DIY PROJECT: For 20 years, I've made Mother's Day flower boxes for widows and single moms.
Liverpool One team members were given pounds 100 each to think up ways to raise money for the charity and used the money to create a variety of fundraising activities, including a Mother's Day flower stall on Paradise Place, a race night in Caf Sports Express and a Zumba class on Chavasse Park.
The ' Grapes Fair' is held two weeks after the famous Republic Day flower show in Bangalore making it a signature event.
According to the company, same day flower delivery in London, Ontario is applicable for all orders made before 3PM on weekdays.
BONUS WINNER: JOAN DAWSON OF BRADFORD, WEST YORKS ACROSS DOWN 1 Forbidden (5) 3 Move (5) 6 Irritate, annoy (4) 7 Deep blue-red colour (6) 9 Divine (8) 12 Tree with smooth grey bark (8) 15 Dried grape (6) 16 Light-skinned (4) 17 Remembrance Day flower (5) 18 Person who presides over a court of law (5) 1 Flashlight (5) 2 Slow, romantic song (6) 3 Common dark-plumed bird (8) 4 Heavy metal (4) 5 Passionate Argentinean dance (5) 8 Speed (8) 10 Request forcefully (6) 11 Fastening (5) 13 Blend (5) 14 Coward (4) SOLUTION to Crossword August 12 ACROSS 1 Tinkerbell; 7 Ocean; 8 Cable; 10 Litter; 11 Tilt; 13 Each; 14 Dublin; 16 Palma; 17 Prawn; 18 Recuperate.