Day sight

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(Med.) See Hemeralopia.

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Trijicon's SNIPE-IR thermal is a clip-on optic that can quickly be affixed ahead of an optical day sight and activated in five seconds.
A thought occurred to me--so if the IR laser is the soldier's night sight, and his red dot is his day sight, when does he use iron sights?
Reckless driving and minor crashes are an every day sight on the kingdom's streets.
40am peak approached, there was still a sight to be seen as day sight to be seen as day appeared to turn to dusk.
Half day sight seeing excursion in Rome with local guide
Reutech proposes an optronic package that includes a two-field of view CCD day sight (cooled or uncooled thermal imaging is a custumer choice), though the laser rangefinder is provided as option.
With May's mild conditions in South Florida, shallow water bonefish, permit and tarpon fishermen can enjoy a full day sight fishing South Biscayne Bay.
The host would also organize the two day sight seeing trip around Bosnia and Herzegovina.