n.1.Labor hired or performed by the day.
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By surveying, carpentry, and day-labor of various other kinds in the village in the meanwhile, for I have as many trades as fingers, I had earned $13.34.
He must perhaps take to day-labor, and his wife must have help from her sisters,--a prospect doubly bitter to him, now they had let all Bessy's precious things be sold, probably because they liked to set her against him, by making her feel that he had brought her to that pass.
Contract notice: State multi-body repair market for the treatment of small-scale "SOS Dpannage" type interventions with the implementation of an off-hours and day-labor penalty for the Calvi defense base sites.
Latino immigrants dominate this and nearly all of Chicago's day-labor street corners.
Third, the government should develop direct ties with day-labor and worker centers, creating a system that will regularly inform workers of their rights and educate them on safe workplace practices.
And church groups and nonprofits have opened about 75 day-labor centers that offer a variety of services to poor immigrant workers.
98, 106), a clear sign of market integration; the American Revolution as "an extraordinary breakpoint" in the market for securities--with the widespread appearance of government notes and shares in banks, insurance, and transportation companies; the increasing productivity of farm labor after 1780 and the appearance of regional labor markets within Massachusetts by 1800; and the growing preference among commercial farmers for contract-labor rather than day-labor and, after 1830, a reliance on non-local or foreign-born workers.
Hours: Memorial Day-Labor Day: Sat-Sun 12-4 p.m.; Sep-Oct: Sat 12-4 p.m.
The company's annual report brims with upbeat depictions of its "emphasis on worker safety" and how it "treats workers with respect," making it the undisputed leader in a day-labor market that now totals $16 billion a year.
In the day-labor industry, those costs can add up quickly: Client firms, seeking to off-load their own insurance costs, often give temp workers the riskiest jobs, increasing the likelihood that someone will get hurt.