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 (dä-yän′), Moshe 1915-1981.
Israeli military leader and politician who directed the 1956 Sinai campaign and the 1967 Six-Day War.


(dɑˈjɑn; ˈdɑjən)
(Judaism) Judaism a senior rabbi, esp one who sits in a religious court
[from Hebrew, literally: judge]


(Biography) Moshe (ˈmɒʃɛ). 1915–81, Israeli soldier and statesman; minister of defence (1967; 1969–74) and foreign minister (1977–79)
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Noun1.Dayan - Israeli general and statesman (1915-1981)
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Reynaldo Umali said he was 'personally injured' when Senator Leila de Lima's former aide Ronnie Dayan attempted to avoid the congressional hearings after the senator purportedly influenced the latter not to testify on her alleged drug involvement in 2016.
Dina Dayan, a self-described Haredi, Mizrahi feminist from Israel's political periphery, wants to be Israel's next prime minister.
After being rejected to be Israel's next ambassador to Brazil, Dani Dayan will replace Ido Aharoni, who has served as consul-general in New York since February 2011, in New York, US.
The Israeli government on Monday withdrew the nomination of Dani Dayan - a former West Bank settlement leader - as ambassador to Brazil, ending a seven-month spat with the Brazilian government.
21 (Petra)-- Brazilian President ,Dilma Rousseff, rejected new Israeli envoy Dani Dayan as ambassador to Brazil for being a settler leader.
The previously secret minutes of a meeting in 1970 between then-Defense Minister Moshe Dayan and leaders of the nascent settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria have been published for the first time -- and they include some very surprising statements on both sides, with the secular Dayan raising the idea of allowing Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount, and his religious guests making clear that they do not espouse it.
An EVO Real Estate Group team headed by Jonata Dayan has brokered the purchase of three floors of a commercial condo at 57th West 38th Street, totaling 16,620 s/f by fashion firm Rigo Holdings, LLC.
KUDE[pounds sterling]S (CyHAN)- One of Israel's most influential filmmakers, Assi Dayan, died on Thursday at his Tel Aviv apartment at the age of 68, Israeli media reported.
Sami Dayan (left) has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.
In his preface, the author of this biography begins by writing, "The story of Moshe Dayan is the story of the State of Israel" (vii).
concern" with the House Republicans Conference's reception of Dani Dayan, the
Colin Dayan has written a challenging and ambitious book.