day care

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or day care  (dā′kâr′)
Provision of daytime training, supervision, recreation, and often medical services for children of preschool age, for the disabled, or for the elderly.

day′ care`

supervised daytime care for preschool children, the elderly, or those with chronic disabilities, usu. provided at a center outside the home.
day′-care`, adj.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: care - childcare during the day while parents workday care - childcare during the day while parents work
child care, childcare - a service involving care for other people's children
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Design highlights include a glass-enclosed, four-story pedestrian galleria, a three-story rotunda, an auditorium, a daycare center, retail space and a landscaped park leading to Foley Square.
An Oregon woman, who runs an illegal daycare center, was convicted on Friday of drugging children at her facility in order to go to work out and get a spray tan.
She was speaking at the inauguration of daycare center at Govt College for Women, Baghbanpura, Principle of College Rubina Ahmed Farooqi, DPI Colleges Zahid Mian, Director Women Development Arshad Baig, teachers and a large number of students were also present on this occasion.
Daycare center support is designed for working parents and the government covers the entire costs.
ISLAMABAD -- Industrial Area police on Wednesday recovered a six-month old female baby who had been abducted from a daycare center in sector I-8/2, a police spokesman said.
Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) and Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) applauded final Senate passage of their legislation today to lift deed restrictions on property used for the Plains Area Daycare Center in Rockingham County.
The admissions process of matching children to daycare centers seeks to fulfill as many of the applicants' preferences as possible based on complex requirements, including applicant priority criteria set by each local government and requests for siblings to be admitted to the same daycare center.
Q My perfectly housetrained neutered male dog is in trouble for lifting his leg and urinating on things at the daycare center.
Another official from the Punjab Daycare Fund Society (PDFS) told reporter that Provincial Minister for Women Development Hameeda Waheeduddin inagurated a daycare center las year at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital here which had been set up so that working women could work easily at their work stations.
Schweiger Dermatology (SDG) committed to 2,600 square feet of office space at 137 West 96th Street, while the French daycare center Les P'Tits Sourires inked a 1,450-square-foot lease at 120 West 97th Street.
LAHORE -- The Punjab government has established Daycare Center for the infants and kids of the female officials and officers of the provincial government to provide shelter and security to them during the duty hours of the mothers of these kids.
Esmael Madin, town police chief of Sultan Kudarat in Maguindanao, said the rifle grenade explosion happened at the Sandakan daycare center in Barangay Dalumangcob past 8 p.