De Forest

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De For·est

 (dĭ fôr′ĭst, fŏr′-), Lee 1873-1961.
American electrical engineer who patented the triode electron tube (1907) that made possible the amplification and detection of radio waves. He originated radio news broadcasts in 1916.
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De Forest

(də ˈfɒrɪst)
(Biography) Lee. 1873–1961, US inventor of telegraphic, telephonic, and radio equipment: patented the first triode valve (1907)
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De For•est

(dɪ ˈfɔr ɪst, ˈfɒr-)
Lee, 1873–1961, U.S. inventor.


(diˈfɔr ɪst, -ˈfɒr-)

to divest or clear of forests or trees.
de•for`est•a′tion, n.
de•for′est•er, n.
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Noun1.De Forest - United States electrical engineer who in 1907 patented the first triode vacuum tube, which made it possible to detect and amplify radio waves (1873-1961)
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