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Noun1.Alexis de Tocqueville - French political writer noted for his analysis of American institutions (1805-1859)
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Ademas, se puede aplicar el texto de Democracy in America de Alexis de Toqueville porque la igualdad, la inteligencia y las aptitudes no aseguran el ser ascendido.
In 1831, Frenchman Alexis de Toqueville, after traveling across America and studying it, commented on the education of the time in the northern regions.
Hailed as FinlandAEs de Toqueville, in nine chapters he provides his take on this slice of Americana informed by anthropology, history, ethnic studies, sociology, economics, architecture, folklore, among other disciplines.
(8) Para un analisis de esta postura ver: De Toqueville, Alexis, La Democracia en America , Madrid, Trotta, 2010; y Dworkin, Ronald, Religion without God, Cambridge, London, Harvard University Press, 2013.
Some more famous visitors to this young country, like Rudyard Kipling, and Alexis de Toqueville traversed the Illinois landscape at various times.
De Toqueville y otros pensadores clasicos como Smith, Mills, Marx, etc., ya habian plasmado en sus estudios algunas disertaciones sobre lo que posteriormente se denomino como "CS".
Drawing on the writings of Terry Tempest Williams, Lincoln, Walt Whitman, Rainer Maria Rilke, Joseph Ellis and, most especially Alexis de Toqueville, Palmer asks us to start first with an examination of the capacities of the human heart.
Washington, and Alexis de Toqueville, all testifying to the value and the ultimate purposes of work.
The Alexis de Toqueville award, which recognizes an individual for outstanding leadership, inspiration to others, volunteer spirit and philanthropic values, went to the husband and wife team of Linda Cavaioli, executive director of the YWCA and John Medbury of Bowditch & Dewey LLP.