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Noun1.DeMille - United States film maker remembered for his extravagant and spectacular epic productions (1881-1959)
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DeMille (Google him, if you haven't heard of the guy), with hundreds of performers, apart from the couple's relatives.
DeMille epic "North West Mounted Police" (1940), where it was the sidearm of co-star Preston Foster.
DeMille Award, given out annually to indviduals who have made a lasting impact on the world of entertainment.
DeMille award, the Golden Globe recognizes lifetime achievement in both showbusiness and humanitarian work.
DeMille Award for lifetime achievement was added to the list of awards in 1952 when Cecil B.
Summary: Previous Cecil B DeMille honourees include George Clooney and Audrey Hepburn
Dennis DeMille and his pal Marvin Muoneke - who originally billed themselves The Ratpackers - won a standing ovation from the studio audience and four votes from the judges during their audition when they sang the classic New York, New York.
To understand this controversy, which doesn't seem to be going away, Weissman Joselit prescribes going back to the beginning, which to some is DeMille's 1956 film, a phenomenon to which the book devotes a considerable volume of ink.
Oprah Winfrey, who became the first black woman to receive the Cecil B DeMille award, delivered a rousing speech calling for a world free of sexual abusers where nobody ever has to say 'Me too' again.
DeMille, given to an individual who has made 'outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment,' as described on the Golden Globes web site.
DeMille Lifetime Achievement honour at the Beverly Hilton hotel and used her time in the spotlight to address important issues.