Dead flat

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(Naut.) the widest or midship frame.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The house is situated on a dead flat, and seems to be shut in-- almost suffocated, to my north-country notions, by trees.
It'll look but a poor dead flat without the Mounds.
"If they come in absolutely dead flat, I don't care.
"It's dead flat around here, so we did think about driving around to find some hills at somewhere like Minera," he said.
It controls the block, and running it dead flat is easier.
Against that, the dead flat terrain means speed is just as much of a factor here as over shorter at Ascot or Newmarket, so Ryan Moore won't be able to afford the front-runners too much rope.
A cycle path runs right along the coast here and Camping Joan will supply you with bikes so you can enjoy a gentle - and dead flat - ride into Cambrils and to Salou beyond.
With finishes including dead flat matt and mid sheen, the ranges are full of colours that cover beautifully.
By my estimation the Orion shoots dead flat, which is pretty typical for a field gun, and the patterns produced at IS and 25 yards with an IC choke tube and #8 AA target loads were very consistent.
Given the tired feel of many of its older stores, some will view its dead flat sales numbers as a modest success.
"I love the course and hopefully the wind will blow a little, but I put my money on dead flat water.