Dead oil

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(Chem.) the heavy oil obtained in the distillation of coal tar, and containing phenol, naphthalus, etc.

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Never depend on radar, C-MAP or AIS instead of ten-minute horizon scans--wooden fishing boats, fish traps, rogue boats and dead oil rigs do not always show on AIS or radar.
Dead oil and hot oil flushing, pigging, depressurization and gas sweeping are operating solutions.
Other control proeedures, such as collection of the immature stages on dead oil palms has a prohibitively high cost in commercial plantations (Bedford 1980; Corley & Tinker 2003).
TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of Iran's Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) Hamid Reza Katouzian said Indonesia is keen to use the RIPI's experiences to revive its dead oil wells.
It is possible that the GOR is even nil, in which case the crude oil is called "dead oil." At the other extreme, a GOR value of over 4,000 means condensate products and further on, ending up as gas with no liquids.
THE grieving girlfriend of dead oil rig helicopter pilot Paul Burnham yesterday described him as "just awesome".
The voluptuous blonde, whose sudden death three weeks ago aged just 39 echoed that of her lifelong idol Marilyn Monroe, went to her grave wearing a pink beaded gown and tiara worthy of the Hollywood starlet - and apparently clutching an urn containing her dead oil tycoon husband's ashes.
THE paternity saga over Anna Nicole Smith's daughter took another twist yesterday when her sister claimed dead oil billionaire J.