Dead plate

(Mach.) a solid covering over a part of a fire grate, to prevent the entrance of air through that part.

See also: Dead

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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During container production, red hot jars move from the mold to a dead plate and then to a glass conveying chain.
Greg explains "the bottles went over a dead plate and the system put a lot of pressure on the bottles to get them into the cooler."
Dual rails included on both sides may be adjusted in opening, height and shape while their mounting hardware permits easy expansion or addition of reject stations, spacing wheels, custom dead plates, and powered transfers such as turntables and bottomless conveyors.
The spiral accumulation system provides gentle handling on one continuous belt with no intermediate dead plates or end to-end transfers, while rotary spiral accumulators give production lines a few extra minutes for staging, filling or automation without stoppage, indexing, delays or downtime.
The Micropitch belt has been specifically designed for the smallest possible gaps in nose bar transfers by running over a 7mm diameter nose bar thus eliminating the need for dead plates. This extremely fight transfer leads to increased profitability by efficiently conveying a broad range of delicate, small footprint food products.
The Pharmafill BCV1 bottomless conveyor replaces dead plates, lane separators and other passive diverters with a powered, active mechanism that transfers bottles or other glass or plastic containers from one conveyor or packaging machine to another safely and smoothly.