Dead rise

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the transverse upward curvature of a vessel's floor.

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"This be the castle's crypt," whispered Joan; "and they do say that strange happenings occur here in the still watches of the night, and that when the castle sleeps the castle's dead rise from their coffins and shake their dry bones.
The dead rise from their graves and savagely attack and feast on the living, and the citizens of the town must battle for their survival.
He tracks many different Jewish ideas about the afterlife through the centuries, from posthumous rewards and punishments to the question of whether the dead rise again.
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a tongue-in-cheek re-imagining of Austen's "Pride and Prejudice", in which a horrific plague has descended upon the English village of Meryton, and the dead rise from their graves to devour the living!
It is expected that the number of dead rise with the many injured in critical condition and many people still buried underneath rubble.
I'm also working my way through If The Dead Rise Not by Phillip Kerr, a thriller set in 1930s Berlin.
When residents gathered to prepare the burial of the dead women, they were shocked to see the dead rise. Aside from the mass panic, many have wondered whether Kebeh had survived the virus after all, if the presumption of her death turned out to be false.
The big screen adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's novel of same name focuses on the romantic entanglements created by Jane Austen in the original between different social classes in 19th century England but with a new subplot in which the story takes place as the dead rise from the grave.
He didn't make the dead rise, the seas recede or levitate.
This time, the dead rise in a small town, leaving it up to a handful of the living to find ways to destroy them.