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Noun1.deadbeat dad - a father who willfully defaults on his obligation to provide financial support for his offspring
deadbeat, defaulter - someone who fails to meet a financial obligation
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Her message to deadbeat dads is to take responsibility for their families.
There are also those who are deadbeat dads those who have abandoned all responsibilities and obligations and have practically cut ties with their children.
Who needs deadbeat dads?" Emma replied: "Exactly, mine too."
"When she goes on TV she's likely to promote charities that support women after abusive relationships, single moms dealing with deadbeat dads - that type of stuff that'll be indirectly aimed at Brad," an alleged insider reportedly told the site.
If anything, women are the ones who need more help, if you compare the ratio of deadbeat dads to absentee moms.
DEADBEAT dads owe more than PS35million in unpaid child maintenance for just two years, statistics show.
That being, of course, the cutting of benefits of feckless mums and deadbeat dads who rather than work for a living want to spend their days living it up on welfare while seeing their children born into the worst kind of poverty of all - a poverty of ambition.
Nearly nine of out ten are paying through the Child Support Agency after it got tough on "deadbeat dads" who had refused to pay.
Do you agree with penalising deadbeat dads? About time!
Now, before you jump to the conclusion that this message is aimed solely at absentee fathers and deadbeat dads, let me be clear--there is more than one way to be absent from your child's life.
If deadbeat dads among frogs shirk their parental duties, neglected egg clutches can respond by hatching early.
The message, spoken by a woman, says: "Everyone pays the cost of helping when deadbeat dads don t pay up.