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n. pl. dead·men
1. A rigid plate, beam, or similar object embedded crosswise in a mass of soil or other material to act as an anchor, as for a retaining wall.
2. A prop used as a temporary support for a board or other object.

[dead + man (probably because a deadman is a heavy object that is buried).]


n, pl -men
1. (Civil Engineering) civil engineering a heavy plate, wall, or block buried in the ground that acts as an anchor for a retaining wall, sheet pile, etc, by a tie connecting the two
2. (Mountaineering) mountaineering a metal plate with a wire loop attached for thrusting into firm snow to serve as a belay point, a smaller version being known as a deadboy
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WWE has not advertised an appearance by The Undertaker on the March 20 edition of "Monday Night Raw," but there's a good chance the Deadman will make his return.
At a meeting with organic farmers this week, Craig Deadman, Fonterras global business manager - Organics, told farmers that paying market-linked prices for organic milk recognises the improved performance of the organic business, which reflects greater demand and stable prices for global organic milk products.
Darren Deadman, of Peterborough, is the referee at Hillsborough on a day when leaders Charlton host Oldham, third-placed MK Dons are at home to Preston (after manager Phil Brown's departure, ex-Town defender David Unsworth is in temporary charge of North End) and fifth-placed Sheffield United visit Bournemouth.
Clarke escaped with a blatant handball and a marginal call on a trip - both involving Millwall's star man Scott Barron - as referee Darren Deadman waved away the visitors' appeals.
Rangers manager Paulo Sousa insisted Alberti's double would have earned his side all the points had it not been for referee Darren Deadman.
TINCHEL returns from a 588-day layoff when he lines up for the Deadman Trucking Ltd Novices' Hurdle (2.
The marathon fundraiser has been organised by local parent and care assistant Georgina Deadman, 27, from Northfield, who was deeply affected by a recent TV news broadcast.
Dave Deadman, defending, told magistrates one of his clients wasn't even at the scene at the time of the clash.
We would like to thanks to Fr Richard Deadman, of St Matthew's Church, Big Lamp, in Newcastle, also his organist, for the marriage blessing and music which they bestowed on our parents on their golden wedding anniversary, on June 5.
During the trial the jury heard that Robert Deadman (69), left, known as Father James, molested the women at the Mount St Bernard Abbey, near Coalville, Leicestershire, where he lived as a monk between 1983 and 1993.
Deadman is Dean, currently on Death Row at San Quentin and using the Web to share his experience (though not his case history).