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The presence of motor deficit that incapacitates deambulation is manifested in 50 to 68% of the cases, while sensory or autonomic deficit can be observed in about 60% of these patients [3].
In this case, we opted not to remove the tube in a third procedure (described in the pre-surgery plan), but this did not compromise the animal's deambulation.
Pain intensity was exacerbated by sitting position that was totally refused by the girl and elicited her crying, while upright position and deambulation with supports were well tolerated.
The FGA consists of 10 items, each of which is scored on a 3-point scale from 0 (severe impairment) to 3 (normal deambulation).
During hospitalization, the patient underwent anticoagulation therapy for elevated ischemic stroke risk ([CHA.sub.2][DS.sub.2]-VASc Score: 7 points) since the beginning of deambulation. Then, due to the HAS-BLED Score 3 points, the high risk of falls and previous fall-related major bleeding complications during anticoagulation therapy, the patient was discharged without an anticoagulant therapy.
Particulierement enthousiastes, ces jeunes stagiaires ont de plus participe a la deambulation des marionnettes geantes en ouverture du Festival international du theatre de Bejaia, le 30 octobre et le 1er novembre, a Akbou sous la direction des artistes de la compagnie Les Grandes Personnes.
Yellow Propolis Does Not Change the Animals Deambulation in the OF and It Exacerbates the Time of Exploration of Central Squares.
Une histoire du tourisme international : de la deambulation exotique a la bulle securisee, Revue international et strategique, 2(90), 77-85.
Chacun dure environ une minute, ayant ainsi plus de chances d'etre vu entierement par un visiteur en deambulation. Le passage en boucle s'apparente a une technique publicitaire ou le film produit un contexte visuel attractif sans pour autant capter durablement l'attention du spectateur, il reste ainsi au service de l'objet qu'il doit valoriser.
There were fourteen (14%) cases of PA, increased aldosterone/renin ratio, no suppression of aldosterone levels in the saline test, and from these 7 were adenoma, single nodular lesion in the adrenal with a positive [sup.131]I-iodomethylnorcholesterol ([sup.131]IMNC) scan and decreased aldosterone after 4 h of deambulation, and 7 were bilateral hyperplasia, no nodular lesion in the CT scan of the adrenals, bilateral hyperfixation on the ([sup.131]NIMC) scan, and increased aldosterone after 4 h deambulation.