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Noun1.Dean Acheson - United States statesman who promoted the Marshall Plan and helped establish NATO (1893-1971)Dean Acheson - United States statesman who promoted the Marshall Plan and helped establish NATO (1893-1971)
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Douglas MacArthur, Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, Madame Chiang Kai-shek, Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin, with the United States secretary of state, Dean Acheson - whose foppish handlebar mustache was described as "a triumph of policy planning" by the New York Times columnist James Reston - playing the dramatic lead.
Instead, the State Department was his primary target and Secretary of State Dean Acheson his chief scapegoat.
Democrats Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Cordell Hull (FDR's secretary of state for almost 12 years, longer than any American has ever served in that office), and their successors, Dean Acheson and Harry Truman, turned the idea of international order into realities: the League of Nations, United Nations, and subsequent permanent alliances embodying "collective security.
Secretary of State Dean Acheson, who had been Marshall's deputy when he had served as secretary, admired him.
EST at the Department of State's Dean Acheson Auditorium.
For Kagan, "Clinton fits snugly in a tradition of hawkish Democratic foreign policy that goes back to Dean Acheson and Harry Truman," Landler writes.
The impulse driving the Brexiteers is the same one former US Secretary of State Dean Acheson highlighted in 1962, when he declared, "Great Britain has lost an empire and has not yet found a role.
Before the covert operation began, Kennedy was discussing it with former Secretary of State Dean Acheson.
Summary: Dean Acheson, who is often seen as one of the great American secretaries of state, wrote in the final chapter of his memoir, "Present at the Creation," about what he called "the struggle through illusion to policy.
Dean Acheson, Truman's secretary of state, made a comparable mistake in his "Uniting for Peace" strategy, trying to overcome Soviet vetoes during the Korean War by empowering the General Assembly.
The Dean Acheson Auditorium was filled to capacity for the opening ceremony, however, the impressive turnout wasn't the only reason the day was a memorable one.
DEAN ACHESON, the former US Secretary of State, delivered his most memorable soundbite in 1962 when he remarked: "Great Britain has lost an Empire and has not yet found a role.