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n.1.The quality of being deathly; deadliness.
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Faulkner insistently calls attention to Veda's uncanny quality and her deathliness in scenes that seem to advance a vision of Veda as a repressed, threatening, and potentially fatal side to Mildred's own character.
Fashion at the Edge: Spectacle, Modernity and Deathliness.
En Fashion on the Edge: Spectacle, Modernity and Deathliness (2003) Caroline Evans aplica las teorias marxistas de mercancia--the value of a commodity represents nothing but the quantity of labor embodied in it--a la experimentacion de los disenadores en cuanto a "envejecer" telas nuevas para que parezcan usadas (261).
More recently, however, it has been seen as emblematic of post-modern society at large, and both Caroline Evans' (2003) volume Fashion at the Edge: Spectacle, Modernity, and Deathliness and Judith Clark's Malign Muses/Spectres (2004 to 2005) project celebrated the cannibalistic reincarnations of fashion as being illustrative of the logical conclusion of pervasive mercantile capitalism in all aspects of contemporary life.
If anything, the death wnmans him, impelling him to impose himself on the sleeping Gudrun and pour his sense of deathliness into her as the Magna Mater.
Lawrence, from whom he had become estranged but whose belief in the deathliness of 'machine civilisation' and the need for a revolution in consciousness he shared.
The desire to be delivered from it is not so much a desire for the end of life as a recognition of the deathliness inherent in life itself and a desire for something beyond it: the recognition and desire Rossetti voices when she writes in Sonnet 25 of 'Later Life' that '[t]his Life we live is dead for all its breath .
The wading across the pond is a factual matter, yet with the Aeneid's depiction of the underworld already alluded to it's hard not to hear echoes of Aeneas's crossing of the River Styx into that place of otherness, of misery, of deathliness, "They crossed the river; and Charon eventually disembarked both the priestess and the hero, unharmed, on ugly slime amid grey reeds" (159).
As he walked through Hyber Town, he came across the distress of carrion eaters, deathliness that had the overpowering stink of bored whores, eternally chasing and tiresomely raising issues of love which they mocked.
BIBLICAL FAITH ATTESTS that God, creator of the world, is the giver of life, even in a world of deathliness.
9) Rather, the "idea of death" that infuses Keats's last days also permeates the poetry and critical correspondence from the start, as if even apart from his own life's literal proximity to death an immanent deathliness of poetry assumed control of the poetic process for the negatively capable poet.
Such an artifice points to the ultimate physicality and deathliness of the human body at the level of the Real, but at an artificial remove from It that makes this image a false idol referring, for entirely cultural purposes, to a condition that is invisible even to observers of a real dead body: that of the unrepresentable Thing behind even the signs of death.