Debating society

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a society or club for the purpose of debate and improvement in extemporaneous speaking.

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I not only attended the weekly debating society, but was instrumental in organizing an additional society.
I established a small reading-room and a debating society. On Sundays I taught two Sunday-schools, one in the town of Malden in the afternoon, and the other in the morning at a place three miles distant from Malden.
I do not conceive that they could support a debating society for a single night: there would be nothing to dispute about; and were they to call a convention to take into consideration the state of the tribe, its session would be a remarkably short one.
As for example; on the question whether 'twas nobler in the mind to suffer, some roared yes, and some no, and some inclining to both opinions said "toss up for it;" and quite a Debating Society arose.
They were narrow and intemperate and perverse as any I had heard him advocate as the firebrand of the Debating Society in my first term.
Addressing a gathering, organised by the GCU Debating Society on Monday, the university orators said they stood in solidarity with the people of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir, who were braving the most brutal genocide, perpetrated by Modi government in India.
Teams of Allama Iqbal Medical College, Punjab University, Beacon House, FAST University and Gujranwala Medical College participated in the completion arranged by debating society of the Ameerud Din Medical College.
It was decided at the meeting that debating society of the Alumni will also formed to promote dialogue among the students on social issues of public interest.
Dhaka University Debating Society (DUDS) and Win with Peace organised the programme as part of Inter University debate competition.
According to GCU Debating Society President Haris Ali Virk, a large number of orators from different universities are contesting for the team trophy and best speaker awards at the two-day event spread over three sessions.
KARACHI -- Annual election of Sindh Madressatul Islam University's six student societies, including Debating Society, Art Society, Community Service Society, Literary Society, Science Society and Sports Society, were held on Friday under the supervision of Directorate of Students' Affairs and Placement of SMIU.
These polls are being held for six students' societies which included Debating Society, Art Society, Sports Society, Literary Society, Community Society and Science Society.