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or U·bun·tu (o͝o-bo͞on′to͞o)
A philosophical doctrine or approach to life that emphasizes social unity and generosity of spirit.

[Zulu : ubu-, abstract n. pref. + -ntu, person, human.]


South African humanity or fellow feeling; kindness
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Imagination is offfering several high-performance SDNA-7130 appliances to the Debian Project to develop and maintain ports.
KFAR DEBIAN, Lebanon: To mark the start of Lebanon's ski season, here are some tips for perfecting your ski look in Mzaar Kfar Debian slopes.
In the previous Debian 6 release, the distribution added the option of using a FreeBSD kernel (i386 or amd64) with the Debain software collection, and in the next version they intend to provide similar support for the GNU Hurd kernel.
Implementing the challenge-response encryption was surprisingly easy by building on the open source tools from Yubico as well as the existing full disk encryption solution from Debian," says Tollef Fog Heen, Debian package maintainer.
La seconde procede a une ethnographie a proprement parler de l'organisation politique et technique de la communaute Debian en interrogeant tour a tour ses documents tbndateurs et regulateurs afin d'essayer de comprendre les fondamentaux institutionnels d'une organisation dont le concret se trouve dans l'irreel et vice versa.
Free of profit-driven motivations, developed by the end-users themselves, Debian exemplifies the principles upon which Linux was founded.
By making Quick Restore available on Debian Linux, Workstation Solutions continues its technology leadership, providing high performance data protection for a full range of operating systems, including Linux, UNIX, and Windows.
Aunque el fallo inicial contemplaba que el gobierno estudiara los efectos del glifosfato sobre el medio ambiente y la salud humana,el magistrado afirmo que los grupos indigenas tambien debian sustanciar sus alegatos de problemas de salud, y no hicieron.
Compatible with all major Linux distributions including Red Hat and Debian, the benefits of Convolo include industry-leading data integrity guarantees, the ability to run on commodity hardware components, the elimination of all requirements to modify existing applications, and full compatibility with Mission Critical Linux's remote system-monitoring and management technologies - Secure Service Technology and LifeGuard.
Corel's Linux OS is based on Debian Linux and uses the 2.
VA Linux Systems, O'Reilly & Associates and SGI have teamed in an effort to bring the Debian GNU/Linux distribution into the retail market.