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New York took stray noblemen calmly, and even (except in the Struthers set) with a certain distrustful hauteur; but when they presented such credentials as these they were received with an old-fashioned cordiality that they would have been greatly mistaken in ascribing solely to their standing in Debrett. It was for just such distinctions that the young man cherished his old New York even while he smiled at it.
That blood- red hand of Sir Pitt Crawley's would be in anybody's pocket except his own; and it is with grief and pain, that, as admirers of the British aristocracy, we find ourselves obliged to admit the existence of so many ill qualities in a person whose name is in Debrett.
I shall go through Debrett carefully to-night and draw out a list of all the eligible young ladies."
All Lord Dawlish's friends called him Bill, and he had a catholic list of them, ranging from men whose names were in 'Debrett' to men whose names were on the notice boards of obscure clubs in connexion with the non-payment of dues.
A team from Private Eye magazine, which includes editor Ian Hislop, takes on a team from Debrett's Peerage
Newcastle Falcons' England rugby captain Jonny Wilkinson has made it into the prestigious Debrett's People of Today 2005 guide.
The great and the good appear in Debrett's People of Today 2005, a reference book published by the self-proclaimed authority on Britain's aristocracy and all matters of etiquette.
According to etiquette experts Debrett's, royals should be met with a brief but clear bobbing of the head to show respect.
It's the first time a jockey could ever be fined for excessive use of Debrett's.
It was reported that he snubbed Debrett's Peerage when they wrote to him on three occasions for particulars of his birth and career.
Debrett's, who worked with Mishcon de Reya, who represented Diana, Princess of Wales, was a small publishing house that has expanded into handbooks on etiquette, such as their popular "guide to the season".
DEBRETT''S, of all people, has issued advice on Christmas kissing.