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Data showed the country's total debt service rose to P83.811 billion in June 2019, from P30.756 billion in June 2018.
A country's debt service ratio is debt service payments to its export earnings.
Present Value of Debt Service to Revenues 10.5% 23%
Based on Treasury data, P19.67 billion of the total debt service last May went to interest payments, while the remaining P7.74 billion was used for amortization.
The debt service ratio or DSR as of end-March 2019 improved to 5.1 percent from eight percent last year.
DWR continues to maintain ample operating and debt service reserves, totaling more than $1.4 billion (annual debt service is approximately $900 million).
External debt service (interest + repayment of principal) increased by 43.8%, from 4,450 MD planned for 2018 to 6,399 MD in 2019.
He urged the government to improve its non-oil revenue generation, as it is the most realistic way to reduce the debt service as articulated in the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP).
authorizes the trust to be used as a mechanism for debt service payment.
"The debt service profile of QP does not indicate signs of stress in the medium term," the Breton Woods institution said in its Article IV consultation report on Qatar.
Debt service would not be affected in the short-term due to significant debt service reserves.
ANKARA, October 31, 2011(TUR) - Turkish Treasury's total amount of debt service is projected as 141.2 billion Turkish lira (TL) for 2012.