Deceptive cadence

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(Mus.) a cadence on the subdominant, or in some foreign key, postponing the final close.

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He can be guidance-taught about the deceptive cadence through activities that allow him to hear and understand it so he can consequently respond to it in his own way.
If he happens to project the surprise of the deceptive cadence (and in a way that's stylistically reasonable)--great
Sub-elements and common terms and instructional terminology may include: key signature, key center, harmonic cadence, perfect cadence, half cadence, Plagal cadence, deceptive cadence, vertical construction vs.
Andre 3000 then uses a deceptive cadence after a 2/4measure of the dominant Dmajor chord, leading into two 4/4 measures of an E minor chord.
After establishing his conceptual and theoretical basis, Schachter turns to the sextet of act 2 of Don Giovanni showing how the deceptive cadence fulfills both the voice-leading and the dramatic requirements of the situation.
In Guerrero's version, after seventeen measures on the words "Et misericordia ejus a progenie in progenies" without a resting point, a weak deceptive cadence introduces the second part of the text.
However, doing so does not require a bassoon major to be able to play a deceptive cadence and two-handed melodic minor scale in F-sharp minor
He also revised the ending of the piece with a written-out ritardando that expands the deceptive cadence in measure 45 (in GCW) to three measures, with a measure rest between the A-minor and E-minor chords (marked "dolce"), before the final cadence.
By you: by those deceptive cadences Wherewith the common measure is refined; By conscious art practiced with natural ease;