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Noun1.Decius - Emperor of Rome who was proclaimed emperor against his willDecius - Emperor of Rome who was proclaimed emperor against his will; his reign was notable for his severe persecution of Christians (201-251)
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Unfortunately, Gordian was succeeded by Decius, who prosecuted Christians, and in 250 AD Trifon was arrested, tortured and decapitated.
250: Emperor Decius begins a widespread persecution of Christians.
As one learned Trump backer, writing for the website of the prestigious Claremont Review of Books under the pseudonym Publius Decius Mus, memorably put it in September:
Then, the rings select their new bearers: Chekov gets blue (hope); Uhura, violet (love); McCoy, indigo (compassion); while Chang gets yellow (fear); the Gorn, named Glocon, gets red (rage) (in the original television series, Kirk battled a Gorn); and the Romulan Decius gets orange (greed).
Caesar finally starts to give in to Calpurnia's pleas when he is interrupted by one of the conspirators, Decius Brutus.
Agatha (231-251 CE), a young Sicilian woman, lived during the reign Decius.
For information concerning the proposed work, contact Decius Aaron, Ph: 478-954-4928 or email: decius.
The Seven Sleepers were a group of youths who allegedly hid inside a cave outside the city of Ephesus centuries ago to escape religious persecution by the pagan Roman Emperor Decius.
Paul, we read that the hermit witnessed the tortures inflicted on Christians by the emperor Decius, including that of a man who "had his whole body coated with honey and was exposed under a blazing sun to be stung to death by flies, hornets, and wasps" (Voragine 84).
45) Cicero's authoritative foray into Caesar's evil past during a dialogue with Decius further besmirches his reputation.
When in calm retirement we peruse the combats described by Homer or Tasso," he observes in his account of German military culture during the reign of Decius, "we are insensibly seduced by the fiction, and feel a momentary glow of martial ardour.