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Noun1.Decius - Emperor of Rome who was proclaimed emperor against his willDecius - Emperor of Rome who was proclaimed emperor against his will; his reign was notable for his severe persecution of Christians (201-251)
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Where are Dionysius and Serapion, and Pericles, and Decius? And the strangers that opened said, We know not these.
She also shot a film of her poem Ssh, Woman, Ssh in Krakow on the grounds of the historic Villa Decius. Both films will be released this year.
Writing as Publius Decius Mus, Anton changed men's souls by the action of his words.
This persuasion stands in stark contrast to Decius's persuasion of Caesar to go to the Capitol, which hinges on a deliberate (mis)interpretation of Calpurnia's dream.
During the 2016 campaign, he wrote blog posts and essays under a pseudonym -- Publius Decius Mus, the name of a fourth-century BC Roman Consul -- in which he defended Trump's policies, primarily from the critiques of other conservatives and Republicans.
Unfortunately, Gordian was succeeded by Decius, who prosecuted Christians, and in 250 AD Trifon was arrested, tortured and decapitated.InA Bulgaria, the day ofA Saint TrifonA was initially celebrated on February 14.
250: Emperor Decius begins a widespread persecution of Christians.
After the Journal of American Greatness, a bracingly provocative and anonymously authored pro-Trump website, shut down, the quarterly Claremont Review of Books became the platform for JAG's star attraction, "Decius"--the nom de plume of Michael Anton, who now serves on President Trump's National Security Council.
As one learned Trump backer, writing for the website of the prestigious Claremont Review of Books under the pseudonym Publius Decius Mus, memorably put it in September:
By Publius Decius Mus, the Claremont Review of Books.