Deck floor

(Arch.) a floor which serves also as a roof, as of a belfry or balcony.

See also: Deck

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Behind it was a lovely little courtyard with a wooden deck floor. Although it was cold and blustery that evening, I could picture being sat out there with a cool drink with friends on a warm summer evening or with a coffee on a Sunday morning with a good book.
And the best thing for me was that it had a glass time I checked weren't allowed to into a pool drunk but you're allowed to go into the ocean hammered bottom, so when you went to the lower deck floor you could watch all the beautiful little fish swim by and look at all the coral reefs.
"During this descent the nose dropped resulting in a low speed impact of the flight deck floor with the airfield during which damage to the cockpit area was sustained," the report by HAV technical director Mike Durham, said.
The DeckLok Advanced Lateral Anchor System creates stronger deck connections by redirecting the force of the load from 'pullout' to a connection in 'shear' at the deck floor joist."
Specifically, check the ledger board, support posts and joists beneath the deck, deck floor boards, railings and stairs.
On deck the new boat features a spacious open cockpit design with open transom (and optional fold-down swim platform), twin lightweight GRP helm wheels, a flush mounted mainsheet traveller in the deck floor with a German mainsheet system trimmed equally well from port or starboard by primary and secondary winches, which are ideally positioned close at hand.
DeckRite makes a deck floor covering that has the added advantage of creating a dry space below the deck.
Anthony O'Sullivan, 60, was walking across a crash deck floor at a site in Cheapside, London, when the floor gave way beneath him.
The newest aircraft features a wide main deck cargo door for easier uplift of oversized shipments and an optimised main deck floor layout which the carrier was invited to help digitally design so the aircraft can better meet the needs of Emirates' customers.
First impressions were of remarkable power in the lower speed ratios in 2WD mode and an extremely innovative extra large trunk space with double deck floor and sliding drawer.
South University Sustainable H, 1836 Alder St; New 36-Unit 4-Story Apartment Buildingphase 1: Grading & Utilities, Foundation, Foundation, Basement Walls, Columns Steel Beams, Concrete / Steel Pan Deck Floor; $606,549.
Iridescent glass tiles in seven different shades of blue line the entire pool interior; a Medusa head made of handmade tiles decorates the sun deck floor. Around the outside of the pool are copper and clear blue glass tiles in a basket weave pattern that glimmer in the late afternoon sun.