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n.1.A declaimer.
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Kerndorffer, who instructed Kleist in declamation, describes the ideal declamator as possessing good taste, sensitivity, and a keen capacity for observation: "ein fein gebildetes zartes Gefuhl, eine warme Empfanglichkeit Fur das Schone und Wahre, verbunden mit einem gelauterten Geschmacke und feinen Beobachtungsgeiste" (7-8).
In letters dating from around 1801 to 1817, Goethe mentions attending concerts by a number of declamators, including the poet-actress Elise Burger, the Weimar-based actor and singer Wilhelm Ehlers, (5) and Christian Friedrich Solbrig, a popular declamator who published numerous collections of poems for declamation.
In order to promote the work of acting groups, in 1958 a study book on declamation art, The Work of a Declamator, based on the technique of psychological realism by Stanislavski, was published.