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(Eng. Hist) See Bill of rights, under Bill.

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The American Revolution and their Constitution were consciously patterned on our Revolution of 1688 and our Declaration of Rights.
The judge dismissed common law false arrest and batteryclaims against Davis, who was not present at the arrest, as well as excessive force claims but maintained some Maryland Declaration of Rights claims, including free speech and false imprisonment, and negligent hiring, training, and supervision.
1-005-1) (6 pages) (plaintiffs appeal from a judgment dismissing his amended complaint against the town of Hanover; plaintiffs contention that his complaint sufficiently alleged violations of: (1) articles 4 and 29 of the Declaration of Rights of the Massachusetts Constitution (Declaration of Rights); (2) the full faith and credit clause, United States Constitution Art.
The basis of the amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights was formed from George Mason's Virginia Declaration of Rights.
The current opinions of humankind, in part, are embodied in an agreement called the Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
That original right, together with [section] 36 of Alabama's Declaration of Rights, provided much stronger protections for the right to bear arms than the Right to Bear Arms Amendment.
The award, according to Jardeleza, covers declaration of rights and entitlements 'and can be used by the government to move forward politically and diplomatically.
The thrust of this meeting, scheduled for a half-hour but extended to two hours, was to present a declaration of rights, and express the expectation the youth have of Canada understanding and living up to those rights.
Further we have an international imperative stated in Article 11 of the United Nations Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007):
On August 13, 1920 at Madison Square Garden the 1920 Declaration of Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World was read publicly.

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