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(Eng. Hist) See Bill of rights, under Bill.

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Indeed the essential basis for this new declaration of rights should be the right for all peoples to a world that is socially organized so that at least some of their values and some ideals can be expressed in it.
Lohr, Textual History of the Florida Declaration of Rights, 22 STETSON L.
A new campaign by the Cymuned group will be launched tomorrow with a declaration of rights at a rally in Machynlleth.
This fact sheet is a declaration of rights for parents of English language learners under No Child Left Behind.
Thus, he is led to ask, "How can it be that natural rights, prominent on the very surface of the Revolution, can yet plausibly be denied by eminent scholars and politicians?" In defense of his position, he offers two citations before comparing the English Declaration of Rights to the American Declaration of Independence.
GLAD's argument rests on equality and liberty guarantees found in the Declaration of Rights of the Massachusetts Constitution.
The following section includes the complete text of the Barcelona Declaration of Rights drafted by Women@Barcelona, as well as two articles on women and HIV/AIDS and other useful references on the HIV/AIDS issue.
"They are seeking a declaration of rights, that what IBM did violated fundamental norms of international human rights." IBM's German subsidiary was taken over by the Nazis during the war, but the takeover occurred after most of the camps were equipped.
He was involved in the drafting of the International Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Geneva, 1993.
Moves are already afoot to have all great apes awarded a United Nations Declaration of Rights.
The first was the Virginia Declaration of Rights. Written by George Mason, it was adopted by the Virginia Constitutional Convention on June 12, 1776, and later drawn upon for the beginning paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence.
The Declaration of Rights Committee recommended these changes and the CRC overwhelmingly agreed after studying and debating each separately on its own merits.

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