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Most refer to the mark as an injury (une blessure) or skin discoloration (decoloration de la peau), and offer a multitude of explanations for its cause.
Furthermore, no report regarding either the decorlorization of both azo dyes by Enterococcus avium or its application to improve the decoloration rate of oil soluble dyes with HP-[beta]-CD has been published.
The inner shell is carefully examined for curvilinear or porous areas of decoloration or cracking of the nacre that may indicate the presence of boring organisms, such as clionid sponges.
Using resin supported nano zero-valent iron particles for decoloration of Acid Blue 113 azo dye solution, Journal of Hazardous Materials 184(1-3): 499-505.
Decoloration treatment of a hazardous triarylmethane dye, Light Green SF (Yellowish) by waste material adsorbents.
Total anthocyanin content was assessed at 520 nm as the difference of absorbance before and after sample decoloration using sodium bisulfite at pH 0.8 and was expressed as mg of malvidin-3-glucoside/L [26].
In science, clays are commonly also used as adsorbents, decoloration agents, and catalysts.
The temperature around the pot is relatively higher, ranging between 600[degrees]C and 800[degrees]C under which the lithopone changes its decoloration capability (DC).