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n.1.Destruction; - opposed to creation.
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In their resourceful analyses of the work of artists such as David Claerbout, Jean-Luc Godard, Philippe Grandrieux, Michael Haneke, Jean Rouch, and others, the authors put to use a range of key concepts from Agamben's rich body of work, like biopolitics, decreation, gesture, potentiality and profanation.
The results showed that DBT could not only withstand significantly decreation of blood cells by immune-mediated, but also stimulate on the growth of bone marrow colony cell and increase the weight of hemopoietic progenitor of bone marrow.
In this article, I enlarge on such ideas by discussing Stevens's decreation and subsequent (re)creation of the spirit of the (American) sublime, which passes beyond the confines of "pre-established rules" (Lyotard's terms).
Accordingly, it is not surprising to find an emphasis on negativity in discussions pertaining to poetic creation, such that the latter term will always be accompanied by its opposite yet complementary operation: decreation.
6) In her essay on the sublime in Decreation, Carson links sublimity to a sense of divine magnitude and threat.
un)Wordward Ho: Decreation and the Voiding of Language in Beckett's Late Prose Work.
On the evidence of her last two creative books, Decreation and Nox, these issues do not seem to trouble Anne Carson's muse, which ranges across a remarkable array of forms and styles, draws on the entire western tradition and engages Sappho as amicably as Marguerite Porete (who?
Dans son travail sur les Upanisads du renoncement, Alyette Degraces-Fadh (1989) evoque un processus de << decreation >> au sens oo il opere un renversement des valeurs spirituelles sur lesquelles l'etre humain s'appuyait jusque-la : travail, famille et rites, et meme l'etude des Vedas.
In Decreation, each performer finds a fertile center of madness within themselves.
A los 60 anos, William Forsythe, el mundialmente conocido y reconocido coreografo neoyorquino acaba de montar con el Brooklyn Academy of Music la pieza Decreation, que es el reflejo de sus inquietudes espirituales y cuyo tema es la falla humana, la incomunicacion, el amor perdido en todos los niveles.
and evidence of an ongoing creation and decreation.