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He pressed the call-bell twice, and a moment later Dede Mason entered.
The specter of the apron-string still haunted him, and helped him to find excuses for getting on no forwarder with Dede Mason.
When the song is over, it is time for the speech, and old Dede Antanas rises to his feet.
Generally it is the custom for the speech at a veselija to be taken out of one of the books and learned by heart; but in his youthful days Dede Antanas used to be a scholar, and really make up all the love letters of his friends.
In the meantime there was going on in another corner of the room an anxious conference between Teta Elzbieta and Dede Antanas, and a few of the more intimate friends of the family.
Dede Antanas is asleep, and so are the Szedvilases, husband and wife, the former snoring in octaves.
The association is also fighting to lift the restriction on the re-employment of Dede members who have exceeded 30 months of teaching over a period of 5 years.
We have around 12,500 bikes operating in Homa Bay town alone,' Dede told the Star.
Next time may magsabi sayo na naooffend sila dahil nagpapakain ka ng anak, sabihin mo na lang na masyado kang nakafocus kase sa dede ko, try mo kayang tumingin sa iba.
Immersive virtual learning environments can enhance learning of science concepts by situating students' investigations in realistic, yet scaffolded contexts (Colella, 2000; Dawley & Dede, 2013; Ketelhut et al.
This book is a story of African American composer Edmond Dede, raised in antebellum New Orleans, and his remarkable career in France.
There is no doubt that Dede Cummings's hiking boots have suffered the ravages of Vermont blizzards and the indignities of losing their way in muddy New England woodstocks.