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Spelled out on the basis of Bolzano's notion of deducibility (Ableitbarkeit), these principles are revealing for the question to what extent grounding can be considered a formal relation.
Now, let's apply a first neutrosophic deducibility.
The conditions are related to the concepts of time and deducibility and should be applied simultaneously, whereas only one insight is needed in the liar paradox.
What's more, Nelson's argument about tax deducibility
Unsurprisingly, given the focus of her earlier research, Lapointe's strongest moments come when she's spelling out Bolzano's views on analyticity, deducibility (Ableitbarkeit), and the grounding-relation (Abfolge) which Bolzano takes to hold between truths.
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Underlying factors could include economic elements that are unknown, unobservable, unquantifiable, or not easy to compute, such as structural changes in markets (eg land use restrictions) or in the level of government interventions in markets that are difficult to measure (eg homeowner's interest deducibility from taxes, grants for first time home buyers, and cuts in rental properties' taxes), and those factors of 'irrational exuberance' or changing tastes.
The syntax and semantics of formal logic are presented but with almost no mention of the role deduction systems play in constructing proofs (even though Godel's completeness and incompleteness results touch primarily on deducibility).