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n.1.(Biol.) The division of that which is morphologically one organ into two or more, as the division of an organ of a plant into a pair or cluster.
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Information deduplication is an essential method for taking out repetitive data.
ExaGrid, the leading provider of scale-out disk-based backup storage with data deduplication, and StorageCraft Technology Corp.
SANblox is a unique data reduction appliance for Fibre Channel-attached storage that pairs Permabit's industry leading deduplication index with its best in class HIOPS Compression(TM) technology.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-August 20, 2014-Violin Memory announces availability of deduplication and compression capabilities on its Concerto 2200 Data Reduction solution
All ActiveImage Protector Editions include Inline Data Deduplication Compression (IDDC), a new standard for next generation compression.
Technology moves fast and traditional deduplication solutions have had their capabilities pushed by the advent of mobility and big data in recent years.
ExaGrid is the premier provider of cost-effective and scalable disk-based backup solutions with data deduplication.
Imation, a provider of tape, optical and removable disc and flash drives, said Nine Technology's deduplication software is the primary reason for the acquisition.
0 with next-generation Progressive Deduplication technology.
0 will deliver global deduplication functionality that is source-side, in-line and content-aware.
Deduplication has been one of the hottest technologies in the storage industry for almost three years.
Because the deduplication is carried out on a purpose-built appliance, it never increases the load on backup clients or media servers, and it makes the deployment of operations like replication straightforward.