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II-31 Components of UV LED Light Sources II-31 UV LED (NUV-LED) and Deep UV LED (DUV-LED) Technologies: A Comparison.
Laser de-bonding through a glass carrier wafer made of BOROFLOAT glass is possible thanks to deep UV light transmission at the relevant laser wavelength range.
All coating and testing are done in a special photocontamination controlled deep UV cleanroom that has been qualified to 193nm standards.
It uses highly efficient UV LED lamps, which emit waves of light in the deep UV spectral (UV-C) range that destroy microorganisms on a cellular level.
Customer-designed and new application-ready preconfigured NanoCalc models make it easy to select the optimum system for deep UV to NIR wavelength measurement needs.
Owning more than 5,000 patents, Seoul Semiconductor is a global LED maker that boasts of world-class LED technologies and productivity such as Deep UV LED and Non-polar LED including Acriche, its innovative, independent technology.
The energized lamp then emits intense light pulses in the continual broadband spectrum from deep UV to infrared with durations of a few hundred microseconds.
The SolidSpec-3700 Series UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer is available in two models, including the SolidSpec 3700 for standard applications and the 3700DUV for deep UV measurement to 165 rim.
It is a lifetime fluorescence system that uses easily interchangeable light sources, including pulsed laser diodes, a 340 LED and a deep UV 280 LED for analzing proteins directly from tissue samples.
It utilizes a chemical heat reaction generated from the changing phase of amorphous to crystal, instead of photo resist, in the fine pitch recording of electron beam or deep UV laser.
Other award-winning software includes Deep Exploration, a 2D|3D graphics file management and conversion utility, Deep Paint 3D for 3D painting and texturing and Deep UV for advanced UV mapping.
Furthermore, background fluorescence is significantly reduced in the deep UV region.

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