insanity defense

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insanity de·fense

n. defensa por demencia.
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The report makes 27 recommendations for reform, with a number designed to improve the rules of evidence in sexual and family violence cases, while at the same time ensuring defendants' rights to a fair trial are preserved.
The European Union (EU) also commented on the death sentences, renewing in a statement its "opposition to the capital punishment in all circumstances," continuing further, "the circumstances of this mass trial cast serious doubts on the respect of due process and in particular the defendants' rights to a fair trial,", adding that "sentencing Shawkan to five years in prisonas part of the same trial 'paves the way for his forthcoming release based on time already served.'"
James Doerr, a criminal defense attorney at Schaumburg based Lavelle Law, is the featured presenter on a monthly podcast, Liberty and the Law, which focuses on the legal process and defendants' rights.
Court president Leonidas Kalogirou said replacing the evidence with copies held by the court was the only appropriate solution, without hurting the defendants' rights.
Noting that these include a fair and public hearing by a competent, independent and impartial tribunal, she expressed concern that this did not appear to have been followed as military courts typically deny defendants' rights accorded by civilian courts.
"This included the defendants' rights to have a lawyer defend him and was innocent until proven guilty.
Remarkably, the Williams plurality understood that it would "also decide whether Crawford substantially impedes the ability of prosecutors to introduce DNA evidence and thus may effectively relegate the prosecution in some cases to rel[y] on older, less reliable forms of proof." (9) The plurality, in deeming forensic crime labs inherently reliable, went against prior Court opinions, thus affording greater weight to the prosecution than defendants' rights under the Confrontation Clause.
Now, however, they've won at least a new trial under a new Puerto Rico law that expands defendants' rights to lodge appeals based on DNA testing.
Earlier this year, lawyers of the defendants appealed the sentences at the Constitutional Court, arguing that the lengthy detention periods before the final verdict violated the defendants' rights to a fair trial and that some of the evidence used in the trial had been fabricated.
One of the documents is on the defendants' rights, the other document revolves around the delinquent juveniles' rights while the third document tackles the prisoner's rights.
The court violated the defendants' rights of defence and gave its decision quickly," said one of them, Mohammed Tosson, adding they intended to appeal.Journalists had also been barred from attending the trial.The court's decision on Saturday came after it referred its initial ruling in April to Egypt's top Islamic scholar, as required under the country's legal system.In March, the same court reduced to life in prison 492 of 529 death sentences handed out to another batch of Morsi supporters.Outside the court on Saturday, families of defendants appeared confused as they tried to understand the details of the verdict, as masked policemen stood guard."Allah revealed the truth.
The EU foreign policy chief reiterated her call on the Egyptian judicial authorities to ensure, in line with international standards, the defendants' rights to a fair and timely trial based on clear charges and proper and independent investigations, as well as the right of access and contact to lawyers and family members.