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n.1.Downward flow.
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Since FDA approval in 2001, DxHA (Deflux) has been commonly used in the pediatric population to treat vesicoureteral reflux [10].
The use of Deflux to treat stress urinary incontinence: Three-year results.
Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB has gained commercial rights from the Swiss based company PharmaSwiss SA, to distribute Relistor, Deflux and Solesta in a territory including Western Europe, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and also for Relistor in Russia.
Now, the company's product portfolio offers 22 marketed products, including XIFAXAN, UCERIS, GLUMETZA, APRISO, ZEGERID, MOVIPREP, RELISTOR, SOLESTA, FULYZAQ, CYCLOSET and DEFLUX. Going forward, Salix's sales effort will benefit from the addition of a new 100-member gastrointestinal-focused sales force and the creation of a new, 160-member digestive disease specialty sales force, which will complement the efforts of its current 200-member GI sales force and provide greater reach and frequency for its products with gastroenterologists, hepatologists and colorectal surgeons.
1) VUR - deflux injection & surgical approach, Lap/Robotic.
Through the acquisition, Salix is adding two FDA-approved treatments to its portfolio, Deflux and Solesta, expanding its innovative offerings, the company said.
The sales of urological drug Deflux will now go to US firm Oceana Therapeutics LCC, which bought the rights in April, so Handelsbanken expects Q-Med to post lower revenues this and next year.
The less invasive alternative has been an option since 2004, when the Food and Drug Administration approved dextranomer/hyaluronic acid, marketed as Deflux. A sugar polymer in a gel base, it is injected endoscopically under anesthesia into sites where the ureters enter the bladder, to form a scaffold-type structure that will host the body's own collagen cells.
Currently, DEFLUX is the only approved endoscopic VUR treatment in the United States.
WASHINGTON -- The use of minimally invasive injection procedures for treating children with vesicoureteral reflux has nearly tripled since the injectable material known as Deflux was approved for use in the United States in 2001, Mathew D.
The study was funded by Q-Med AB, a company that makes Deflux (dextranomer/hyaluronic acid copolymer), one of the options in bulking agents used for endoscopic treatment of VUR.
Teflon was the first agent used, with many series showing high success rates; one study even showed a higher overall success over cross-linked bovine dermal collagen, Deflux, and autologous blood.