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 (də-gä′nə-wē′də) Known as "the Great Peacemaker." fl. 1550-1600?
Native American spiritual leader. According to tradition, he founded the Iroquois confederacy with Hiawatha.
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His Life & Death Spiral of US History: From Deganawidah to Trump to Solartopia will soon be at
The underlying principles of both these relationships flow from the Haudenosaunee epic of the Great Peace, in which the Peacemaker Deganawidah united the warring Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca nations in a League of perpetual brotherhood.
The name D-Q University originated from indigenous traditions, Deganawidah came from the Iroquois national confederation of the north, while Quetzalcoatl originated from the Aztec/Mexica nation of the south.
Iroquois Algonquians Susquehannocks Dutch German English French Americans Warriors Jesuit Priests Farmers Storekeepers Governments Soldiers New Nation of 13 Fires Deganawidah Ayonwatha Hendrick Tekonwatonti Sir William Johnson Jeffrey Amherst John Butler George Washington Benjamin Franklin Joseph Brant War War And more war And more blood and guts and death And the death of Indians.
The D-Q in the university's name stands for Deganawidah Quetzalcoatl--two iconic native leaders.
Sometime during the sixteenth century, the prophet Deganawidah and his disciple Hiawatha convinced five tribes to significantly alter their centuries-old culture in order to end incessant warfare.
Deganawidah proposed the idea of a league to stop the intertribal warfare.
D-Q, which stands for Deganawidah Quetzalcoatl, has been closed for a month, though 24 students have stayed on campus to fight to keep the school open.