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 (dē′mōs, dā′-, dī′mŏs)
The satellite of Mars second in distance from the planet.

[Greek, one of Ares' sons, from deimos, fear, terror.]


(Celestial Objects) the smaller of the two satellites of Mars and the more distant from the planet. Approximate diameter: 13 km. Compare Phobos


(ˈdaɪ mɒs)

one of the two moons of Mars.
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Noun1.Deimos - the outer of two small satellites of Mars
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Phobos (panic or fear) and Deimos (terror or dread) accompanied their father into battle.
The photos of Deimos reveal another thing - a smaller iceberg has separated from the big one in a process called.
Those moons, long since reclaimed by Mars, could have herded remaining debris in the sparsely populated outer part of the ring to form Phobos and Deimos.
At Deimos, Warner will focus on building and managing a portfolio of investments in companies in the financial services sector and in related technologies and business services.
The UK space agency has signed an agreement with Deimos Space UK Ltd and MBRSC as their International Partnership Space Programme (IPSP) partner.
Yousuf Hamad Al Shaibani, Director General, MBRSC stated that, "The Deimos Space UK Ltd and MBRSC announcement further asserted the importance of the cooperation between different parties worldwide in Space Industry".
to acquire Elecnor's Earth Observation business dba Deimos Imaging for an aggregate price of EUR 74.
Mark Standish, former co-CEO of RBC Capital Markets, will also join Deimos as a managing partner.
Later I found Deimos with ray 8-inch LX-200 while using an occulting filter eyepiece to snag it.
Since then we have defeated Ares, joined forces with Gaia and Titans to take on Olympus; killed Zeus and slayed Deimos.
The fourth book Funny Boy Meets the Dumbbell from Deimos (with Dangerous Dental Decay) and all subsequent stories will be released and marketed as E-riginals.
It was a tricky shoot as Phobos and its sister moon, Deimos, are closer to Mars than our Moon is to Earth, so they shoot across the sky relatively quickly.