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dé•jà vu

(ˌdeɪ ʒɑ ˈvu, ˈvyu; Fr. deɪ ʒa ˈvü)
1. the illusion of having previously experienced something actually being encountered for the first time.
2. disagreeable familiarity or sameness.
[1900–05; < French: literally, already seen]
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"Jim was here at the store on a Friday working on a shelf that had fallen and we started talking about opening the store on Sundays," said Schlameuss, who also manages the Dejavu Warehouse in Aurora.
One of the key issues for companies such as KKDD and Dejavu is to get the right clients and then manage them, a proposition that might sound simple but has a lot of dynamic issues, says Shah: "With a fixed price quoting system and work that rarely gets done in the allocated budget and time, clients do not want to pay for extra hours that are put in."
He put in a fantastic performance in the 2014 LGCT Antwerp Grand Prix with a new horse Primeval Dejavu, finishing fouth.
Partial seizures arising from the temporal or frontal cortex may cause alterations in hearing, olfaction like unusual odours or psychic symptoms like sense of impending change, detachment, depersonalization, dejavu or illusions like micropsia or macropsia.
BLYTH Spartans head down the coast to face Whitby Town hoping to avoid a third case of dejavu.
The CEO of Dejavu Events, who has partnered with the Big Brother Foundation -- a non-profit organisation in India -- told 7DAYS: "They are in a very bad state.
Venue manager Leighton Openshaw claims to have experienced the hauntings first-hand and he said: "I was in the old Dejavu room, which is now a dressing room, I was up there alone but I know there were a few guys downstairs.
Unlike the phantasmagoric image repertoire of the Arabian Night that had mediated and then disillusioned earlier travelers like Nerval and Flaubert, the Orientalist photograph was constitutive of the Oriental real that made the traveler's encounter with the reality of the Orient more meaningful, albeit somewhat dejavu. Unlike the intertext of the Arabian Night or the romantic paintings of Delacroix, the Orientalist photograph does not counter the traveler's own experience of the Oriental real by making it seem banal, but rather enhances it through the pleasure of identification.
The sense of dejavu invoked in the title I Saw it Once in the Indus Valley Civilization' is palpable.
If by chance you have over-estimated your Christmas or New Year's dinner and up until now you have that "throwback" or "dejavu" meals, it is time to get creative and make something delicious from these leftovers - here are a few simple ideas to make sure all that good food won't go to waste.