n.1.(Paper Making) See Deckle.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The latest set of warnings include Tallahassee, Wacissa, Cross City, Dekle Beach, Steinhatchee, Port Saint Joe, Crawfordville, Perry, Monticello, Aucilla, Drifton and many more.
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Su distribucion comprende la region Neotropical (Dekle, 1963) y Hayden y Buss (2012) tambien la citan en el sur de Estados Unidos.
Author's Note: The author would like to thank Jeffery Nugent, John Strauss, Robert Dekle, and Ana Fernandes for their extremely useful suggestions.
"Prairie Defender: The Murder Trials of Abraham Lincoln" is an unprecedented study of Lincoln's criminal cases, in which George Dekle (who worked as an assistant state attorney in the Third Judicial Circuit of Florida, where he prosecuted hundreds of homicide cases, and for the past ten years he served as the director of the prosecution clinic at the University of Florida Law School) disproves these popular notions, showing that Lincoln was first and foremost a trial lawyer.
United Real Estate - Infinity: Located in Lehigh Acres/Bonita Springs FL and owned by Glynis Dekle & Marc St.
Chef Andy Dekle brines the bird for 24 hours, pan sears and roasts and serves it with ratatouille and an herb beurre blanc sauce.
At Florida's Dekle Beach, just south of the state's Big Bend where the peninsula meets the Panhandle, a storm surge damaged numerous homes and destroyed storage buildings and a 100-yard fishing pier.
At Dekle Beach, just south of the state's Big Bend where the peninsula meets the Panhandle, homes, storage buildings and a 100-yard fishing pier were destroyed.
Dekle et al., Children as Witnesses: A Comparison of Lineup Versus Showup Identification Methods, 10 APPLIED COGNITIVE PSYCHOL.
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