Delagoa Bay

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Del·a·go·a Bay


Delagoa Bay

(Placename) an inlet of the Indian Ocean, in S Mozambique. Official name: Baía de Lourenço Marques

Del′a•go′a Bay′

(ˈdɛl əˈgoʊ ə, ˌdɛl-)
an inlet of the Indian Ocean, in S Mozambique. 55 mi. (89 km) long.
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We talked together for a while, for he could speak broken English, and I understood a little Portugee, and he told me that his name was Jose Silvestre, and that he had a place near Delagoa Bay.
I got letters from the owners an' the firm--'Tull error on fire-bars, sux pounds'--ot Baltimore, ot Delagoa Bay, ot Moji, ot Rangoon, ot Rio, an' ot Montevuddio.
75) The causes of this period are highly contentious and, although possible climatic pathways have received less focused attention recently, these are a recurrent theme, particularly in the mfecane origin area between Delagoa Bay and the Thukela River (Figure 1).
1895Opening of Delagoa Bay Railway gives Transvaal, now in South Africa, an outlet to the sea.
Lucifers Shadow was on target in divisiontwoofthe7fhandicapforJames Doyle, while Martin Dwyer took the 1m6f handicap on Delagoa Bay, with thejockeys rewardedforpositiverides.
The Gaza kingdom near Delagoa Bay and the Ndebele of the southern highveld possessed far larger spheres of influence.
Aged just 12, and escorted by 30 Zulu warriors, he set out on a six-month 600-mile trek to the Portuguese settlement of Delagoa Bay to raise the alarm.
Patterns of labour that became conventional elsewhere in the country were also first established in Kimberley: Migrant labourers from as far as the Delagoa Bay hinterland and the north-eastern Transvaal journeyed to the diamond fields and were often paid in kind rather than in wages.
The service began with operations north of the Delagoa Bay Railway when the column worked from Lydenburg towards Middelburg, seeking the Boers under General Ben Viljoen, who were escorting the Transvaal government.
Eldredge challenges one of Cobbing's key theses when she shows that the export slave trade from Delagoa Bay was not a major factor in the rise of Shaka's Zulu nation.