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(French dəlɑrɔʃ)
(Biography) (Hippolyte) Paul. 1797–1859, French painter of portraits and sentimental historical scenes, such as The Children of Edward IV in the Tower (1830)


(də lɑˈroʊʃ, -ˈrɔʃ)

(Hippolyte) Paul, 1797–1856, French historical and portrait painter.
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9) Delaroche would have represented Catherine's first husband, who had made her unhappy; whereas Simons pere, whom Candeille seems to have genuinely loved, could be compared to Lussan, the understanding and egalitarian new husband.
This year's top winner with the best overall gross score was the foursome from the firm of Steven deLaroche.
If Desert Island Discs transferred to television, with pictures instead of music, The Execution of Lady Jane Grey (1833) by Delaroche would feature in the list of many a celebrity.
Texts such as Les Jeunes-France, Les Grotesques, the prefaces to several of his poetic and fictional publications, and a variety of satiric articles written by Gautier on such topics as a medical lecture, obesity in people of letters, the military in peacetime, feminism, and the painter Delaroche reveal an irony and a humor that not only denounce bourgeoisisme, but undermine any ideological codification, or utilitarianism that would make Romantic militancy join forces with the enemy rather than maintain its essential fete-like marginality.
Insurance Benefit: hospital liability, legal protection, occupational hazards SAMU - SMUR, biomedical research on behalf of the Nantes University Hospital and the Hospital de Clisson Pierre Delaroche.
As their appeal to English patrons and collectors reveals, they swiftly attained canonical status, thanks to their penetrating analysis of character and historical circumstance--despite the fact that Delaroche may never have set eyes on Napoleon.
Bann's superb understanding of the importance of Delaroche ("the most extensively reproduced artist of his age") in nineteenth-century visual culture serves as springboard here for a lively and lavishly illustrated analysis of the confluence of three arts: printmaking (especially fine reproductive engraving), painting, and photography.
Benefit From Insurance: hospital liability, legal protection, occupational hazards UAS - SMUR biomedical research for the University Hospital of Nantes and hospital Delaroche Pierre de Clisson.
Admiring in particular the work of Paul Delaroche, he nonetheless advocated working en plein air, producing attractive sketches in the Near East, which he visited in 1881, and views of the Moscow countryside.
Vincent Delaroche, CEO of CAST said, "CAST is delighted to be associated with Wipro in its journey towards advanced structural analysis and measurement based on emerging CISQ standards.
Enservio Select's art appraisal team was recently tasked with appraising an CyOld Master' painting believed to be by Paul Delaroche (French, 1797-1856), which was the subject of an insurance claim.