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(də lɑˈvin yə)

(Jean François) Casimir, 1793–1843, French poet and playwright.
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Foy, Lafitte, and Casimir Delavigne he only esteemed.
The ads that the CAP and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) were flagging at the time included an Aptamil one showing a baby girl growing into a ballerina and supermodel Cara Delavigne posing nude for a perfume ad.
" That song also scores the video campaign of the new Dior Addict Stellar Shine lipsticks starring Cara Delavigne. The model gallivants around New York City with adoring crowds and camera flashes following her every daring move.
The writer of the profile (almost certainly Charles Lamb Kenney) also took the opportunity to mention that Phelps had presented Shakespeare's original text of Richard III during his management of Sadler's Wells "so that claims to this honour that have been made subsequently will have to be modified" and then went on to say that Phelps's Shylock in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice and his King in Dion Boucicault's adaptation of Casimir Delavigne's Louis XI were "superior to any who have risen into fame of late years".
But here, the demographic is a bit differentfrom Cara Delavigne to Katy Perry to Shakira to Alessandra Ambrosio to Princess Beatrice.
Housed in a dedicated pop-up gallery in d3, the show is a collection of the Peruvian photographer's best works from the past 35-years, featuring portraits of Kate Moss, one of his favourite muses, the cover of Madonna's iconic 1998 album Ray of Light, intimate photos of the Rolling Stones' Keith Richards and Mick Jagger and pictures of model and actress Cara Delavigne. It opens to the public on February 25.
Miguel Angel Muro pretende en su articulo describir en detalle, a traves de un analisis comparativo, las modificaciones hechas por Breton de los Herreros en la traduccion del drama de Casimir Delavigne Les enfants d'Edouard.
En el XVII aparecen en Francia Le gouvernement de Sancho Panza, de Guerin Bouscal, o L Lile Barataria de Scribe y Delavigne. Del XVIII son el sainete Sancho Panza en la insula, atribuido a Gaspar Zavala y Zamora, y la version inglesa Barataria, or Sancho turn 'dgovernor: a farce in two acts, de Frederick Pilon.
Major catwalks including Chanel, Gucci and Jean Paul Gaultier all used gray-haired models this season, and celebrities such as Rihanna, Pink, Cara Delavigne, Lady Gaga, Kate Moss and Nicole Richie have all donned the look.
Lacy's Robert the Devil, Duke of Normandy (Covent Garden, 2 February 1830) only slightly predated the various adaptations of the enormously successful French grand opera Robert le Diable first performed in Paris on 21 November 1831 (libretto by Scribe and Germain Delavigne, and music by Giacomo Meyerbeer).
Os modernos sacodiram o jugo da grega mitologia, bela para os gregos e romanos, exotica para nos; Byron, Cowper, De Lamartine, Delavigne, Mickiewiez tem dado exemplos de uma nova maneira de poetar.
Scribe e Delavigne / recata in versi italiani da A.