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n. pl. Lenape or Len·a·pes
See Delaware1.


(ˈdɛl əˌwɛər)

n., pl. -wares, (esp. collectively) -ware for 5.
1. a state in the E United States, on the Atlantic coast. 783,600; 2057 sq. mi. (5330 sq. km). Cap.: Dover. Abbr.: DE, Del.
2. a river flowing S from SE New York, along the boundary between Pennsylvania and New Jersey into Delaware Bay. 296 mi. (475 km) long.
3. a member of any of a group of American Indian peoples formerly of the drainage basin of the Delaware River, the lower Hudson River, and the intervening area.
4. the Eastern Algonquian language of any of the Delaware peoples.
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1 million; Comanche Nation, $749,34; Delaware Tribe of Indians, $424,45; Muscogee Creek Nation, $03,912; Pawnee Nation, $700,000; Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma, $1.
The Delaware Tribe of Indians will be using the $800,000 of ICDBG funds to l construct an Early Head Start Integration Center facility.
The Continental Congress and the Delaware tribe of Ohio become allies against the British.
The second chapter of the book analyzes the politics of federal recognition as they affect the relations between the Delaware Tribe and the Cherokee Nation.
A very strong tradition of carving war clubs with faces was preserved in the Delaware tribe until recent times (Devlin.
That included every person who was a citizen of the tribe, including the white people who were citizens of the Delaware tribe.
Among the Delaware tribe of Indians, cranberries were known as the symbol of peace.
OTCBB:INVA) announced that it has signed a MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING with the Delaware Tribe of Indians headquartered in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
Request for Proposals: The delaware tribe of indians agricultural heritage planning project
Members of the Delaware tribe were settled at the Wichita Agency near Anadarko in 1872.
18) The new proposal, which was submitted to Congress by the Cherokees, recognized the Delaware tribe as a separate entity.

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