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a.1.Holding a delegated position.
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Drawing from contemporary scholarship in the philosophy of action, it contends that Congress has no collective intention, not because of difficulties in aggregating the intentions of individual members, but rather because Congress lacks the sort of delegatory structure that one finds in, for example, a corporation.
And if voters are inattentive to the details of legislation, there is no reason to think they are more easily duped by happy talk concerning delegatory legislation than any other kind of legislation.
Results of the present study show that in task oriented culture managers are more likely to choose an autocratic style and the Pseudo consultative style of decision making whereas in people oriented culture managers frequently use participative and delegatory style.
In the IAP2 spectrum, the steps are "inform," "consult," "involve," "collaborate," and "empower," with more delegatory power accorded to citizens as one moves through the continuum from left to right (international Association for Public Participation 2012).
President Salva Kiir Mayardit is known for his delegatory and consensual approach to leadership.
John Garang De Mabior, President Salva Kiir Mayardit is known for his delegatory and consensual approach to leadership.
Moreover, further research should systematically compare the relationship between public regulators and CRAs to other delegatory relationships.
19) Jesse Ribot (1999: 35) describes the same delegatory structure in its application to the election of village chiefs elsewhere in Mali.
They are angry that an application from Chartwell Care Ltd was rubber-stamped by borough council planners, who acted on delegatory powers without needing consultation with councillors or members of the public.
I honestly liked the ways that I had to balance intellectual, delegatory, and even laborious types of work required of the administrative position.
Some tribes developed highly efficient systems of delegatory government while others developed forms of government that were less well organized and more reliant on individual leaders.
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